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Photos - Dress rehearsal (Dec. 1)

Photos by Tim Matheson

The Waki/Runaway (played by Joseph Bulman) enters Oppenheimer Park and
is noticed by the ji/chorus (Margo Levae, Michael Mori, Lawrence Cotton, Melanie Adams).

Shite 1/Spirit of an Old Maple Tree (Melanie Adams) teases the Waki
The Maple Tree Spirit (Melanie Adams)

The whole cast and band (Marguerite Witvoet: conductor; Mark McGregor: flute; Brian Nesselroad: percussion; Lee Duckles: cello)

Shite 2/The Asahi Ball Player (Michael Mori).
Shite 2/Asahi ballplayer (Michael Mori)

The Ball Player (Michael Mori) and the chorus.

The Waki/Runaway (Joey Bulman) makes a shadow catch.
Shite 4/Police Officer (Lawrence Cotton)
Shite 3/Madam played by Margo Levae
Lawrence Cotton (Shite 4/Police Officer)
Lawrence Cotton as the Shite 4/Police Officer
Scene from Act IV, cast and ensemble
Joey Bulman as the Waki/Runaway
Margo Levae as the Shite 3/Madam
Shite 3/Madam (Margo Levae) and Waki/Runaway (Joey Bulman)
Shite 3/Madam (Margo Levaei) and the Waki/Runaway (Joey Bulman)

The Runaway (Joseph Bulman)
The Creative Team, from top left clockwise: Marguerite Witvoet, Daphne Marlatt,
Colleen Lanki, Dorothy Chang, Farshid Samandari, Benton Roark, Jennifer Butler